Plorking Around

There is a term in my MFA program that encapsulates how they envision the program and the process of creativity. The term is “Plork.” You can read more about the ethos here, but in short, its meaning is derived from the words work and play.

I want my work to stem from that—from a place of work and play. That’s not to say I won’t continue writing about darker complicated topics—I am who I am, after all—but even for the work that seems less playful in the end, I’d like to approach the process with a spirit of freedom, of creativity, of wonder, and of play.

Ironically, it can take a bit of work for an adult to learn to play, and I love that on multiple occasions in the past several months, my children have opened the door to find me gluing and glittering pages in my creativity journal. Perhaps by rekindling my own sense of play, my kids won’t lose theirs quite so readily. A mother can hope.


In the spirit of Plork, I’m going to share what I did for my final presentation. It’s an animation. I only just learned how to animate anything whatsoever on a few days ago when I pulled my first non-kid-related-all-nighter in a long time, and it’s rough. The poem, too, is incomplete. I don’t like my “poet voice,” and I feel kind of embarrassed sharing it, but what the hay, I’m going to do it. The entire thing is a work-in-progress, just like me.

The piece is about my daughter.

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