“Future Perfect” Forthcoming Essay in Hippocampus Magazine

I am super-jazzed that my essay, Future Perfect, will be published in the August 2017 edition of Hippocampus Magazine. I love Hippocampus, and I am honored to be a contributor.

In Future Perfect, during a chance encounter in the grocery store, I grapple with what the future will look like for my family. I started this essay years ago, and it needed a little time to germinate. I am glad it has found a home with Hippocampus.

Oh! And BTW, if you don’t know about HippoCamp, you should check it out. It’s a great CNF conference put on by Hippocampus that takes place in Lancaster, PA. I went last year, and I’ll be back again for this one. Check out those keynotes! (And they’re not even the best part of the conference!) Heck, I just realized I even am wearing the shirt from last year’s conference as I write this.

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