Shout Out to Anthony Moll

Congratulations to Anthony Moll on winning the 2017 Non/Fiction Collection Prize from literary magazine The Journal. Anthony is an alumnus of my alma mater, the University of Baltimore, and was a participant of the Marlboro College Summer Writing Intensive, which I also had the good fortune of attending a couple times.

Anthony and I have been online acquaintances for, I think, a couple of years now. (I love living in the future!). I’m so pleased that we finally got to meet in real life during a chance encounter at one of my regular writing stomping grounds, Zeke’s Coffee.

It’s my goal to highlight writers who are doing cool things in the literary world going forward. We gotta support each other. When you find someone who loves words as much as you do, that’s a reason to celebrate right there.

Cheers, Anthony!

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